Hello, my name is Katie and I am an Architect from Birmingham. I’ve always been interested in the local history and architecture right on my own doorstep so I decided to write a blog about the interesting buildings both old and new of the second city.

There is this misconception that Birmingham is a concrete jungle with nothing more to offer architecturally than the mistakes of the 1960’s. In fact it has a rich urban and town planning history (admittedly both good & bad) and plenty of architectural character. There are some beautiful examples of Victorian/Edwardian architecture as well as some historical hidden gems tucked away in the suburbs. Walking around the city centre you can see a timeline of different styles ranging from Gothic, Art Deco and Brutalism to the more recent grand regeneration projects.  I hope to show you some of these in my posts and  share pictures of some of the architectural delights Birmingham has to offer 🙂


All photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.

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Other blog work includes:

*  Volunteer blogger for the Birmingham Conservation Trust.

* Volunteer blogger for the Grand Central Birmingham Website.

 Part 1: Bold and Beautiful- Birmingham is exciting.

Part 2: Birmingham- A city is born.


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