John Madin

Destruction of an icon


Dystopian, post-apocalyptic, eerie and haunting…these are the words which spring to mind when I see the current state of Central Library.

Now the iconic inverted ziggurat and the surrounding complex are virtually demolished the Paradise Circus area looks strangely eerie & deserted where it was once busy & bustling. It reminds me of some war-torn future world where the shell of the library represents the remains of some lost post-apocalyptic  civilisation. It could be a sci-fi movie set or the backdrop of a TV show about a zombie apocalypse!

If you have read my previous posts you will know I was quite a fan of the brutalist library. However I am really interested to see how the demolition of this building will open up this part of the city and improve connectivity. It already feels like a new era is about to begin…

Here are a couple of pictures I took recently (May 2016) which show the two sides of the library. From Chamberlain Square the library is unrecognisable but from Centenary Square the inverted ziggurat is still plain to see despite it being dramatically split in two! The broken ziggurat almost looks intentional, like a piece of modern art…I kinda like it!





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