The Jewellery Quarter

Fragments of a city.

The architectural features & historical details of the Jewellery Quarter.

The Jewellery Quarter is a unique place which is steeped in historical, architectural and social history. Its narrow streets are packed with old brick workshops and factories; a physical reminder of Birmingham’s industrial heyday.

Recently I have been carrying out some volunteer work for the Birmingham Conversation Trust which involves conducting street surveys of some of the 200 plus listed buildings within the area.  This forms part of the Heritage at Risk Project for English Heritage which helps review and record the current condition of many of the buildings to make sure they are preserved for the future. This has give me the opportunity to explore and photograph a whole range of buildings within the Jewellery Quarter and below are a series of photographs focusing on some of the small architectural details which make these buildings so special.

Each photograph is almost like a clue giving a tiny piece of information about each building, whether that be its architectural style, age, construction or function. Whether it’s the peeling paintwork of a ghost sign, a carved datestone, or decorative terracotta motifs these historical fragments each tell their own story. JQ Walk 2 JQ Walk 5 JQ Walk 4 JQ Walk 6 JQ Walk 3 JQ Walk JQ Walk 8 JQ Walk 7


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