Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration and Abandoned Buildings

There’s something quite intriguing and mysterious about abandoned buildings and forgotten places…

I’ve always been interested in finding out about what lies behind the walls of a derelict building…what secrets are to be told and histories to be revealed? I love looking at photographs of places that have been frozen in time, abandoned and left to decay and rot as time passes by. There is something quite intriguing about these places that makes me want to go and explore them.

‘Urban exploration’ has quite big a following online, whether it’s people exploring the subterranean world of the Victorian sewers or trespassing into abandoned asylums and factories there are loads of on-line forums and websites dedicated to the act of urban exploring. This community of urban explorers document the decay and history of such places via photographs and videos, a sort of visual record before these places succumb to demolition or redevelopment.

Below are a couple of links to a number of ‘urbex’ websites/forums where urban explorers have posted some really interesting photographs of places in and around Birmingham…as well as some general urbex websites.

28 Days Later Forum

UK Urbex

Flickr Group for UK Urbex Birmingham

Derelict Places

The Urban Explorer

Abandoned Birmingham Blog


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